Critical Cooling Services

If you manage a data center in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, you work with expensive equipment that is highly susceptible to heat damage. Without the proper cooling infrastructure, a catastrophic loss of data and equipment could occur if the system overheats.

You can prevent such an event from happening at your center with critical cooling services from Select Mechanical Services (SMS). We specialize in designing and installing top-of-the-line critical cooling systems that protect your valuable assets.

Don’t Let Your Data Center Overheat

Our critical cooling systems are designed to prevent problems resulting from:

  • Temperature Changes: If the ambient temperature in your building is too low, too high, or constantly fluctuating, it can alter the electrical and physical components of electronic chips. This can quickly become disastrous, corrupting your data or even shutting down your entire system.
  • High Humidity: When the air is too wet, it can deteriorate tape, corrode metal components, make papers soggy, and cause complete board failure.
  • Low Humidity: When the air is too dry, it can create static discharges that corrupt data and damage hardware.

SMS provides critical cooling services that keep your operations running smoothly. Don’t put your valuable equipment and irreplaceable data at risk. Call 903-567-8100 now to schedule data center cooling services at your facility.