Help Your Home Or Office Stay Safe

Install COVID-19 disinfectant equipment in Dallas or Canton, TX

From wearing protective face masks to constantly using hand sanitizer, you have enough to worry about during the global COVID-19 pandemic. The last thing you want is to have to worry about being safe in your home or office. Fortunately, Select Mechanical Services, Inc can install COVID-19 disinfectant equipment to help keep your air and surfaces safe.

Do you live in the Dallas or Canton, TX area? Trust our team to install ultraviolet light disinfectant equipment to kill mold, bacteria and viruses as they circulate through your air, helping you stay safe and healthy every day. We work with all kinds of HVAC systems, from single window air conditioner units to forced air systems for large buildings.

Get peace of mind by upgrading your HVAC system with COVID-19 disinfectant equipment.

Our air purifiers help with more than viruses

Our air purifiers help with more than viruses

Indoor air can be full of pollutants and irritants that can make you uncomfortable, even if you don't end up sick. Consider installing our ultraviolet light disinfectant systems because they can remove...

  • Airborne particles, pollutants and volatile organic compounds
  • Smoke, dust and allergens that can make it hard to breathe
  • Unpleasant and distracting odors
You'll breathe easier and be safer from illnesses like COVID-19. Find out more about ultraviolet light disinfection by calling our Canton, TX office at 903-567-8100.